Nearly 100 Legal Permanent Residents Attend CMS’ Citizenship Application Assistance Workshop


CMS staff members and volunteers assist applicants with their citizenship applications.

On Saturday, April 5th CMS hosted a very successful Citizenship Application Assistance Workshop at Immaculate Conception Parish in Astoria, Queens. Nearly 100 legal permanent residents had their citizenship applications completed with the assistance of CMS staff members  and volunteers.

CMS’ partnership with The New Americans Campaign provides legal permanent residents with the opportunity to access free and much needed citizenship application assistance workshops. In these workshops the citizenship application is demystified with the assistance of some bilingual CMS staff members and volunteers.For many legal permanent residents the process to obtain citizenship can be confusing and complex because of language barriers. This compounded by costly legal fee can put the dream for United States citizenship out of reach. Despite these obstacles, the benefits of having citizenship can enhance the quality of life of individuals and strengthen families’ economic prospects in addition to providing families with stability. (more…)

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CMS Motivates Parishioners to Change Their Lives Through Citizenship !

4-5 Outreach Photo #1-1Throughout the month of March, Outreach Assistant Rebecca Rybaltowski has informed parishioners in the Brooklyn Diocese about CMS’ April 5th citizenship workshop. Her outreach efforts have increased the awareness of CMS’ services within the Brooklyn Diocese and has also contributed to an increase in the number of people who have registered for the citizenship workshop. Over 1,500 parishioners have heard CMS’ call to Cambia Tu Vida! (more…)

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CMS and its Housing Coalition Partners Gain Insight into the Rent Guidelines Boards

QHC March 2014On Wednesday March 26th CMS and its housing coalition partners gathered at St. Sebastian parish. Members learned about the power of building community coalitions to influence rent guideline policies. CMS’ Legal Intern Megan Leo presented information to members about workers’ rights in the workplace.

Legal Aid Society’s staff attorney,Kenneth Schaefer urged members of the housing coalition to pay close attention to all news that concerns the Rent Guidelines Board. The Rent Guidelines Board decides each year how much regulated rents will increase. On Thursday, March 27th, Mayor Bill de Blasio selected five new people to the board. The new (more…)

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Support CMS through the Annual Catholic Appeal

On Sunday March 16th the Annual Catholic Appeal video premiered in every parish in the Brooklyn and Queens Diocese. The Annual Catholic Appeal is a critical funding source for many initiatives of our Diocese.The money raised from the appeal supports parishes, Catholic schools in our communities and outreach ministries for those who are in need. This year Catholic Migration Services was featured in the video and our staff attorney Kenny Minaya informed parishioners about our services and the efficacious impact our work has for immigrants in NYC. (more…)

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CMS’ Staff Learns About Immigration Policy

Manuel Castro, immigration campaign organizer, gives a state of play on NYIC’s drivers license campaign in New York State.

On Thursday, March 6, 2014 New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC) Campaign Organizer, Manuel Castro informed CMS staff about the current status of immigration policy on the federal and state level. CMS held its monthly staff meeting which concluded with a presentation from Manuel. He clarified the goals of New Yorkers for Real Immigration Reform (NYRIR) and then he highlighted the goals of NYRIR for the upcoming year.

Manuel led his presentation by reminding CMS staff that the Immigration Bill (S.744) has not been voted on by the House of Representatives. As a result, some of the House of Representatives have introduced the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (H.R.15) in a move that they hoped would pressure the majority in the House to move forward on a legalization of a citizenship bill. (more…)

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CMS Successfully Assists Legal Permanent Residents Apply for Citizenship

photo 1

Director of Legal Service Robert McCreanor and Immigration Operations Manager Frederik Stefani assist legal permanent residents complete their N-400 forms.

On Saturday March 1st, Catholic Migration Services hosted a Citizenship Application Assistance Workshop at St. Thomas Aquinas in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Staff and volunteers worked with many legal permanent residents to complete their citizenship applications.

CMS is a part of The New Americans Campaign which provides free and much needed access to legally qualified permanent residents to take the critical step to becoming American citizens. The process to obtain citizenship can be confusing and complex. Limited knowledge about the path to citizenship and costly fees can make the process more difficult for legal residents. However, the benefits of having citizenship can really enhance a person’s quality of life. When new Americans gain the rights, freedoms and responsibilities of citizenship they contribute more fully to their communities. (more…)

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CMS Responds to the Needs of the Arabic Speaking Community

Mariam Magar pic 6 outreach

Staff Attorney Mariam Magar informs parishioners about CMS’ legal services.


Catholic Migration Legal Fellow Mariam Magar is springing into her role as an outreach coordinator to the Arabic speaking community within the Diocese of Brooklyn. On Tuesday, February 26th at St. Matthias parish in Ridgewood, Queens, Mariam and CMS Director of Legal Services, Robert McCreanor spoke to members about the wide range of services that CMS offers to immigrant communities in the Brooklyn Diocese. (more…)

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