Immigrant Workers’ Rights Program

“We are glad CMS is helping immigrant workers because unfortunately the kind of exploitation we suffered happens to so many other immigrants … now we can send a message that workers are not alone.”

– Javier, Immigrant Workers’ Rights Program client

Línea Laboral operators Evelyn Ligardo and Rebecca Rybaltowski.

The Immigrant Workers’ Rights Program represents workers in disputes over wage and hour violations, unsafe working conditions, and other workplace abuses commonly suffered by immigrants in New York City. In collaboration with the U.S. and New York State Departments of Labor, the New York City Office of the Comptroller, and the consulates of several Latin American nations, Catholic Migration Services operates LÍNEA LABORAL, a bilingual (English/Español) call center for workers to learn about their labor rights and report abuses.



CMS may be able to assist you if:

  • Your boss kept your first week’s wages as a “deposit”
  • You are paid less than minimum wage
  • You are paid a flat weekly salary, no matter how many hours you work
  • You are paid less than your co-workers because of a discriminatory reason
  • Your workplace is not safe
  • Your boss threatens to fire you or “call immigration” if you report what is happening at your job
  • You are experiencing other workplace abuses
  • You work in New York or New Jersey

We CANNOT assist with:

  • Job placement
  • Worker’s Compensation issues
  • Union issues

Please call LÍNEA LABORAL if you work in New York or New Jersey are experiencing any of these labor issues at 1-877-52-LABOR.

When you call Línea Laboral, we will take your personal information, information about your workplace and your complaints. Every complaint is reported directly to the Department of Labor, which then handles your case.

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Línea Laboral Flyer-English  /  Línea Laboral Flyer-Español

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