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Brooklyn Parishioners Receive Workers’ Rights Information

On Sunday January 12th CMS staff began their first week of Linea Laboral outreach to parishes in the Brooklyn Dioceses. Parishioners are primarily being informed about the recent increase to the NYS minimum wage. CMS staff will be presenting information about worker’s rights in the work place.

Outreach Assistant Rebecca Rybaltowski spoke to the parishioners at Regina Pacis Parish in Brooklyn  about the recent increase to minimum wage from $7.75 to $8.00. She emphasized that this increase was enforceable for most occupations and that under federal law employees must be paid in accordance with state law. Linea Laboral Operator Benjamin Petersen was on hand to distribute flyers, brochures and to answer labor related questions to over 80 parishioners who gathered after the mass to inquire about our services.

After the mass, Staff Attorney Alice Davis spoke to individual parishioners who had specific legal questions about their working conditions and general inquires about their rights in the workplace. Many of the parishioners had questions which pertained to the allotment of time they were entitled to use for vacation and general inquiries about holiday pay.

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To connect with our Linea Laboral Operator call 1-(877)-525-2267.