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Justice for Job Seekers Coalition Proposes Legislation for Tougher Regulation of Employment Agencies

J4JSOn Thursday May 22nd CMS’ Staff Attorney Alice Davis and Linea Laboral Operator Benjamin Petersen attended a press conference which supported passing legislation that will protect job seekers from predatory employment agencies. The Coalition gathered on the steps of City Hall to show their support for Assemblyman Moya’s legislation that would strengthen the Department of Consumer  Affairs’ ability to protect job seekers from predatory employment agencies that charge fees, and  give job seekers false promises of employment.

CMS is a member of the Justice for Job Seekers coalition which strives to protect low-wage immigrants workers from fraudulent and predatory employment agencies by reforming New York’s employment  agency laws. Some employment agencies prey on low wage workers especially immigrants in Queens. Job seekers are frequenetly forced to pay the employment agency in advance for non-existent jobs. According to LatinoJustice PRLDEF an estimated 30% of complaints to the Department of Consumer Affairs originate in Queens.

If passed the legislation will expose fraudulent companies to civil lawsuits as well as enforce a new set of rules for employment agencies that take advantage of low-wage workers. Employment agencies will be forced to get rid of advance fees from non-existent jobs, The Department of Consumer Affairs can increase the penalties for violating the law and job seekers will gain the right to sue for damages.

Take action now and sign our petition for protecting low-wage and immigrant workers fraudulent and predatory employment agencies. Click here .

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