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Program Staff

Sr.Joan Anzalone
Immigration Counselor, BIA Accredited Representative

Sr. Joan Anzalone is an Immigration Counselor. She assists clients by preparing applications for Adjustments of Status, Naturalization,Green Card and Visa extensions. She also participates in outreach activities in parishes and community organizations. Prior to working at CMS Sr. Joan was a social worker for communities in the South Bronx, the Lower East Side of Manhattan and in the Dominican Republic . Her work with these communities motivated her desire to work directly with immigrants because she wanted to help them feel welcomed in their country.

Sr.Joan attended Fordham University where she studied Sociology and Education. She received her Masters in Social Work from Fordham University . Sr. Joan is fluent in Spanish.

Xiomara Bustamante
Immigration Counselor

Xiomara Bustamante is an Immigration Counselor. She assists clients by preparing applications for Adjustment of Status, Citizenship,Petitions for the Freedom of Information Act disclosure and Removal of Conditional Residence. For clients who qualify Xiomara ensures that they understand their right to access to public social benefits.

Prior to becoming an Immigration Counselor Xiomara was an administrative assistant at CMS for 4 years. Xiomara enjoys the variation in her day that comes for the diversity of cases she manages. She delights in giving clients thorough explanations of their rights during their consultations. She is inspired by her client’s perseverance during times of difficulty and she uses this as motivation to exhaust all of her efforts to help enhance each client’s experience with CMS.

Xiomara attended Brooklyn College where she studied Computer Science. Xiomara is fluent in Spanish.

Marisol Canales
Immigration Counselor

Marisol Canales is an Immigration Counselor. She assists clients by preparing applications for Adjustments of Status, Naturalization, Green Card, VAWA,DACA,RI Visa extensions. She also participates in outreach activities in parishes and community organizations.Prior to working at CMS Marisol was a receptionist and later an immigration counselor at Emerald Isle Immigration Center. She also worked as an assistant to the Director of Faith Formation at St. Bartholomew Parish in Elmhurst. She enjoys providing direct assistance to immigration because the information and resources give them the chance to live a less restrictive life. She is inspired by the personal connections she feels with her clients and by their hard work and perseverance. Her dedication to her clients is fostered by the knowledge that she will be an everlasting part of their life.

Marisol attended Universidad del Istmo in Panama where she studied Information Systems. She is currently awaiting her B.I.A accreditation and is in training to be a paralegal . Marisol is fluent in Spanish.

Zachary Shultz

Naturalization Coordinator

Zachary Shultz is the Naturalization Coordinator working primarily out of the CMS Brooklyn office. After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a B.A. in Spanish and Sociology, he went on to obtain a master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. As the Naturalization Coordinator, Zachary oversees the CMS Citizenship and Integration Program and manages private and federal grants to support naturalization services. Zachary assists clients through the process of applying to become U.S. citizens, organizes regular events to promote citizenship, and collaborates with other local partner organizations to increase naturalization efforts across New York City. Zachary is fluent in Spanish.

Quetzalli Rocha

Linea Laboral Operator, Mercy Volunteer Corps.

Quetzalli Rocha is the Linea Laboral Operator. Originally from California she attended Humboldt State University where she earned a B.A. in Social Work. After completing her degree she joined Mercy Volunteer Corps to complete a year of service at CMS. As the Linea Laboral Operator at CMS based in the Queens office she works with immigrants who have experienced wage theft, injury, or safety violations in their place of work. Quetzalli assists clients in the process of completing a case with the Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  She is passionate about empowering workers and informing them of their rights despite their immigration status.  Quetzalli is fluent in Spanish.

Jennifer Park 

Immigration Counselor, Mercy Volunteer Corps.

Jennifer Park  is an Immigration Counselor. Raised in Georgia  she earned a B.A. in International Affairs, Spanish, and Latin American and Caribbean studies from University of Georgia. After graduating from college she joined Mercy Volunteer Corps and shortly thereafter found herself in New York. As an immigration counselor at CMS based in the Brooklyn office she works with immigrants by conducting consultations and helping them navigate many diverse processes such as applying for citizenship, petitioning for family members abroad and applying for deferred action. Jennifer is fluent in Spanish.

Alexina Delvecchio

Immigration Counselor, Jesuit Volunteer Corps.

Alexina Delvecchio is an Immigration Counselor. She is from Connecticut but attended Boston College where she earned a B.A. in History and a Hispanic Studies minor. After graduating from college she joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps which led her to CMS. As an Immigration Counselor at CMS based in the Queens office, Alexina helps immigrants apply for citizenship, renew green cards, and apply for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. She hopes to attend law school to become an advocate for immigrants’ rights. 

Lorena Lopez

Tenant Organizer,Public Ally Fellow

Lorena Lopez is a Tenant Organizer for Catholic Migration Services. She sustains and develops membership for the coalition by providing informative and educational meetings which empower community members. Lorena also serves as a translator during the monthly housing clinics.She enjoys working with tenants because it satisfies her desire to work towards improving the living conditions of immigrants and enriching their understanding of their rights as tenants. She is motivated by tenants who become self-advocates and beacons of knowledge for other tenants in their buildings or in their communities. Working with the tenants of the Queens Housing Coalition has reinforced her belief in the tenacity of immigrants communities. She is fulfilled in her work because she understands that she plays a small role in a greater movement towards eradicating housing inequality.

Prior to CMS Lorena worked as a realtor for 4 years with The Mauro Brothers. This opportunity gave her a comprehensive understanding of housing issues from the perspective of landlords in NYC. Lorena attended BMCC where she studied Business Administration. Lorena is fluent in Spanish.


Rebecca Rybaltowski
Outreach Assistant

Rebecca is the Outreach Assistant for CMS operations. In this capacity she informs the parishioners of the Brooklyn Diocese about upcoming events and existing programs at CMS. She joined CMS in 2011 as a Mercy Volunteer with the labor and immigration department as well as serving as an interpreter for all three CMS departments. As a Mercy Volunteer she helped develop the Linea Laboral hotline to reach a wider range of people through different outreach events and she helped improve the format of the hotline. Rebecca’s past experience at CMS have enhanced her understanding of the importance of connecting the immigrant community to the different resources which CMS offers. She enjoys reaching out to the community about the work of CMS.

Prior to CMS Rebecca attended Gordan College in Massachusetts where she graduated with a B.A. in Spanish. She is enrolled in a certification program for court interpretation at NYU. She hopes one day to be a professional interpreter.

Jeanne Sanon
Immigration Counselor,BIA Accredited Representative

Jeanne Sanon is an Immigration Counselor. She assist clients by preparing applications for Adjustment of Status,Naturalization,Green Card,VAWA and DACA,RI Visa extensions. For 3 years prior to working at CMS Jeanne taught civics and adult literacy at the Empowerment Centre for Caribbean Immigrants.

Jeanne was exposed to the immigrant experience from a very young age. This exposure fostered a deep sense of responsibility to empower the immigrant community and especially the Haitian community. Her passion for her work is sustained because of her belief that individual achievement is most satisfactory when a community has access to the same opportunities. Jeanne is motivated to reach her highest potential only if her community can achieve theirs as well. Jeanne is fulfilled in her work because she knows that she is leaving an everlasting life changing impact on the people she meets.

Jeanne attended CUNY York where she received a B.A in English Literature. Jeanne is fluent in Haitian Creole.