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The New Americans Campaign Prepares for the Changes to the N-400

The New Americans CampaignAs pending immigration reform dominates the headlines the nation’s immigration system is undergoing far reaching changes. The roll out of the new N-400 form will add upward of 10 pages of questions to the application. This could further complicate and extend the already arduous path to citizenship.

The Executive Director of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center,Eric Cohen who leads The New American Campaign recently wrote an op-ed in the National Journal which argues that introducing greater hurdles to legal permanent residents seeking to naturalize could be a net loss for everyone.Naturalized citizens fare better economically than their non-citizen counterparts and they are half as likely to live below the poverty line. Furthermore, he emphasized that citizenship gives legal permanent residents security and the ability to build a stronger America since they will be able to participate fully in American society. With this understanding in mind The New Americans Campaign will be maximizing the number of applications completed and submitted during the 90-day window between the official announcement of the new form and its implementation.

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