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Client Stories


Wilbur’s Story

After 15 years working in a factory, Wilbur* was fired from his job as a machine operator after getting into a verbal dispute with a co-worker. His supervisor offered him an opportunity to explain what happened to the English-speaking factory owner, but since Wilbur only speaks Spanish, he could not defend himself and had no choice but to leave his job. Click here to read more.

Ramon’s Story

Ramon worked as a butcher in the same market for over three years.  He was paid a flat weekly salary with no overtime, even though he was working 72 hours per week.  His boss treated him badly – demanding that he put in long hours without any breaks, pressuring him to work faster and faster, and becoming angry rather than concerned when he got injured on the job.  Click here to read more.

Mr. M’s Story

Originally a client of the housing program, Mr. M learned that CMS also works on employment matters and came to the Immigrant Workers’ Rights Program when his employer fired him and refused to pay his last week’s wages. Click here to read more.

Construction Workers’ Story

Last year, the Immigrant Workers’ Rights Program represented six construction workers against a real estate developer to recover unpaid wages. The workers, all of whom are immigrants from Paraguay living in Corona, were referred to CMS by their parish, Our Lady of Sorrows, when they did not receive any pay for their work renovating residential buildings in Manhattan. Click here to read more.