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On Dec. 31, New York State Will Raise Minimum Wage to $8.75

Minimum wage Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation on March 29th 2013 that increased the minimum wage in three increments, $8.00 an hour on 12/31/13, $8.75 an hour beginning 12/31/14, and $9.00 an hour beginning 12/31/15.

The minimum wage laws apply to all workers, even if you are undocumented or paid in cash or off the record. You must receive at least $8.75 per hour, regardless of whether you are paid on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Overtime will also increase to a minimum of $13.13 for hours exceeding 40 in a work week.

For more information on the minimum wage please visit the New York State Department of Labor.

If you or someone you know is receiving less than $8.00 an hour, or $8.75 an hour beginning 12/31/14 or is not receiving overtime please contact CMS’ Linea Laboral 877-525-2267.

Linea Laboral is a call center for workers to learn about their rights and report abuses. Linea Laboral is part of the Immigrant Workers’ Rights Program (IWRP). This program assists workers across New York and New Jersey in disputes over wage and hour violations, unsafe working conditions, and other workplace abuses. Since the development of IWRP in 2009 we have sent nearly 1,000 complaints to federal and state government agencies and have recovered around $250,000 in wages.

For more information on the Immigrant Workers’ Rights Program click here.