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Nunca es tarde para que un inmigrante aplique por la ciudadanía

Durante el reciente taller de naturalización el pasado 9 de Marzo junto al Abogados de Nueva York para el Interés Público (New York Lawyers for the Public Interest/NYLPI en inglés), Servicios Católicos de Migración ayudaron Residentes Legales Permanentes con sus aplicaciones para solicitar la ciudadanía estadounidense. En este taller, ambos organizaciones contaron con la participación de voluntarios y intérpretes de Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP; Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP, y Goldman Sachs. Tilda, una clienta de Servicios Católicos de Migración comparta su experiencia y como llegó a conocer la organización y sus servicios.

Lea la historia completa en El Diario: Nunca es tarde para que un inmigrante aplique por la ciudadanía

¿Una multa vial o un pleito con el casero podrían afectar el proceso de naturalización ante USCIS?

Por si te lo perdiste:

Cuando un Residente Legal Permanente comienza el proceso para solicitar la naturalización, es importante tener el “buen carácter moral” (Good Moral Character/GMC por sus siglas en inglés). Es uno de los requisitos básicos para que un inmigrante con su Green Card (Tarjeta Verde en inglés) puede aplicar por la ciudadanía. En un entrevista con El Diario, Servicios Catolicos de Migracion y Abogados de Nueva York para el Interés Público (New York Lawyers for the Public Interest/NYLPI, en inglés) responden a estas preguntas y otras.

Lea la historia completa en El Diario: ¿Una multa vial o un pleito con el casero podrían afectar el proceso de naturalización ante USCIS?

Free naturalization clinic held in Brooklyn Heights

On Saturday, March 9th Catholic Migration Services and New York Lawyers for the Public Interest joined forces once again to host a free naturalization workshop for eligible green card holders in Brooklyn Heights. The workshop assisted more than 40 Lawful Permanent Residents get one step closer toward becoming a U.S. citizen.

See News 12 Brooklyn’s news segment: Free naturalization clinic held in Brooklyn Heights

Apply for citizenship immigration organization free assistance

Read the original story from the World Journal in Chinese: 申請入籍 移民組織免費協助

Reporter Yan Jieen, New York, reported at 06:00 on December 2, 2018

New York City’s multiple immigrant rights organizations provide legal advice on citizenship in Brooklyn (Brooklyn) on the 1st (Saturday) and help green card holders fill out the naturalization application form at no charge; the organizer said that in Trump Under the atmosphere of the government’s drastic immigration policy, the consultation activities will enable the public to apply for naturalization.

The event took place from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, the Catholic Migration Services and many other legal institutions, providing about 50 volunteers. The field serves the green card holder who wants to apply for naturalization.

The organizers said that legal services have always been expensive. Immigrants only have to pay 725 yuan to submit the application form. “Not everyone can afford it.” People in marginal areas may not be able to access perfect legal services. Decided to hold similar events throughout New York City to help applicants who need it.

The organizer explained that the applicants who attended the event on the same day had legal screening (Legal Screenings), including confirmation of visas, identity documents and legal documents, etc. They only need to carry a green card, social security number and passport, and have obtained public welfare. Applicants (Public Benefits) must obtain a letter from the relevant agency.

The Trump administration’s immigration policy has tightened, and the recent amendments to the “Public Charge” rules have made many green card holders afraid that the naturalization application will be affected. However, the organizers reiterated that the amendment has not yet been finalized. Most people will not be implicated, reminding people not to be ignorant; on the contrary, people should actively participate in the resources provided by the community and understand the relevant procedures, “to be more confident in responding to naturalization applications.”

In addition to the activities on the day, the organizers said that people who need to apply for citizenship assistance can call the hotline (212)-225 4400 to confirm that they meet the naturalization requirements, and then arrange an appointment with the citizenship clinic.

Catholic Migration Services Awarded Highly Competitive Grant for Citizenship Work

Catholic Migration Services is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a two-year grant from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to help Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs) apply for United States citizenship.  This is a highly competitive grant, with only two grant recipients in New York City and only forty in the entire United States.

Receipt of this highly competitive award is a recognition of the outstanding work performed by our staff and dedicated volunteers, and by our partner, LaGuardia Community College.  Through our partnership, LPRs obtain coordinated naturalization services, with Catholic Migration Services providing legal services and LaGuardia Community College providing civics and ESL classes. Together, we help more than 500 LPRs become citizens each year!  These new citizens can now enjoy the rights and privileges that come with citizenship, including the right to vote.

Our citizenship work is especially important now, when immigrants are facing new and difficult barriers to achieving the dream of citizenship.  Unfortunately, government grants do not fully cover the costs of this critical work.  Please support our citizenship work so that we can continue to ensure that all LPRs have an opportunity to fulfill the dream of American citizenship.